Duke University and Duke Kunshan University are moving from our current learning management system (LMS), Sakai, to the Canvas platform. All instructors may now use Canvas, and starting in Summer 2024, Canvas will be the only LMS available to instructors at Duke University and DKU.

Note: Prior to this university-wide transition, the Duke University School of Medicine and Duke's Fuqua School of Business had already established their own instances of Canvas. If you are attempting to access a course for either of those schools, you can access their instances of Canvas below.

What Duke Students Love About Canvas

User-Friendly Interface

"The format of Canvas makes it easier to find information and resources for my courses plus the design is visually appealing. It's also easier to look at grades and feedback."

"Being able to see all of the assignments that I have for each class very easily, and know where to find all of my information very well."

"The page is reader-friendly."

"Much easier to view files without downloading them. Also a better interface to organize weekly readings, etc."

"Canvas was much, much better. Accessing course resources was easier to navigate to, find, and download."

Viewing Grades

"Using the "what-if" grade tool."

"I like the Canvas grading feature much more which makes grades clear and provides professors the option to show grade statistics for the whole class."

"I like the fact that Canvas allows you to estimate your grades so you can see where you stand in a class."

"The comments that my tutors provided are instantly viewed. I can see my final grades regularly."

"Being able to track my performance/grade on Canvas."

"I liked the ability to see the grade functionality in real time."

Calendar & To Do Lists

"I like that it has a calendar function where you can see assignments for every course all on one page with due dates laid out."

"Submitting work and keeping track of deadlines was very easy. Canvas features a "To-do" taskbar and a calendar showing all due dates for courses, which makes me more organized and able to anticipate deadlines and plan out my time accordingly."

"I love the to-do list. Even though I only had one class using it, from previous experience, I love it even when there's a lot of classes, and all assignments can be viewed in one convenient place."


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