A Canvas Collaboration site is similar to a Sakai Project site. It is a Canvas site not tied to a DukeHub/DKUHub course or roster, meaning that users need to be added and removed from the site manually. It has the same roles and tools available as Canvas Course sites.

Canvas Collaboration sites can be requested for the following use cases:

  • Personal sandbox for exploring Canvas
  • Academic resource site used by one or more formal courses (e.g., sharing resources with students in a multi-year program, etc.)
  • Short-term team or working group activity (e.g., planning for a student or staff conference event, short-term planning activity, etc.)
  • Ongoing team or working group activity (e.g., as a work space for a standing committee, student group, etc.)
  • Public space to share materials and engage participants beyond a specific group

The following are considered inappropriate uses of Canvas Collaboration Sites:​​​​​​

Additional notes regarding Collaboration Site requests:

  • Only a user at the Owner role of a Sakai Project Site may request it be migrated to Canvas.
  • If migration is requested, only course content is migrated from Sakai to Canvas. Users enrolled in the Sakai Project Site will NOT be placed in the new Canvas Collaboration site. For more information about eligible course content, see the Canvas Migration Compass & Map
  • After a Collaboration site request is made, a Canvas administrator may reach out to you further info about your request, recommend an alternative platform based on your need and/or deny your request if it does not meet an approved use case.