The timeline below represents the current plan for evaluation and implementation of a new LMS at Duke. It is subject to change.

Fall 2022

Completed activities

  • Determined that a replacement for Sakai is needed.
  • Assembled the Learning Management System (LMS) Transition Project Team.
  • Selected Canvas by Instructure as Duke University’s next LMS platform.
  • Recruited representatives from the Duke community to the Functional Stakeholder Group.
  • Announced to the campus community that Canvas is replacing Sakai.

Spring 2023

Completed activities

  • Learning Innovation and other instructional support staff received training from a Canvas representative on using Canvas.
  • Identified instructors teaching in Summer 2023 to serve as “First Adopters” of Canvas at Duke and trained them to use Canvas.
  • Invited  instructors teaching in Fall 2023 to express advance interest (received over 300 responses from Duke and 29 DKU to be “Early Adopters” of Canvas).
  • Hosted virtual Town Hall events for the Duke & DKU communities to learn more and ask questions about the transition to Canvas. Watch the recording of the Duke University-focused town hall here.
  • Supported the First Adopters as they prepare to use Canvas to teach in Summer 2023.
  • Developed a plan to train and support the Early Adopters to use Canvas in Fall 2023.

Summer 2023

Completed activities

  • Supported the First Adopters using Canvas to teach Summer 2023 courses.
  • Prepared the Early Adopters to use Canvas in Fall 2023.
  • Developed a plan to train and support all Canvas users throughout Fall 2023 so they are prepared to use Canvas in Spring 2024.
  • Finalized the configuration of Duke’s Canvas instance.
  • Finalized the development of a custom migration tool used to migrate content from Sakai sites to Canvas.
  • Published, the new landing page for the Duke community to access Canvas and Duke-specific support materials.

Fall 2023

completed activities

  • Supported the Early Adopters using Canvas to teach this semester.
  • Delivered training to instructors and staff who plan to use Canvas starting in Spring 2024.
  • Accepted requests for Collaboration Sites and for site content to be migrated from Sakai to Canvas in preparation for Spring 2024 courses.
  • Investigated 3rd party integrations, such as Panopto.
  • Regularly met with the Functional Stakeholders Group to provide them with project updates and receive feedback on the transition.

Spring 2024

  • Canvas available for all to use at Duke and DKU (though select schools and programs have opted to wait until Summer/Fall 2024).
  • Provided support to the Duke community as Canvas was widely implemented, including migrating content from Sakai to Canvas and creating Collaboration Sites (the alternative to Project Sites in Sakai).
  • Investigated third-party tools that integrate with Canvas.
  • Delivered training to instructors and staff who plan to use Canvas starting in Summer and Fall 2024.

Summer 2024 (Current)

  • All courses being taught using Canvas. 
  • Ability to create sites in Sakai is disabled.
  • Sakai is now in “reference-only” mode. Users can continue to access old Sakai courses and instructors can request to have course content migrated from Sakai into Canvas.

Summer 2025

  • June 1, 2025: User access to Sakai is disabled.