Starting Summer 2024, Sakai will no longer be available to instructors at Duke University and Duke Kunshan University using a classroom learning management system. This page outlines what you should do to ensure your successful adoption of Canvas:

Step 1: Learn How To Use Canvas at Duke

One reason Canvas was chosen as Duke’s new learning management system is because it is an intuitive and easy-to-learn platform. However, there are some key differences between Canvas and Sakai, and every member of the Duke community has different needs when it comes to learning a new technology. In order to prepare as many instructors as possible to use Canvas in Spring 2024, we have curated a menu of learning opportunities for you to choose from. Mix and match from these options in whatever way suits your schedule and needs. No matter what you choose, you will be prepared to begin teaching with Canvas when you are able to:

  • Navigate the interface, and understand the basic tools and workflow
  • Organize your course site using our suggested course design philosophy
  • Use the available assessment tools
  • View and assign student grades

Learn On Your Own

Learn With An Expert

  • Workshops from Duke Learning Innovation - Our series of three live, virtual workshops ensures you have all the information you need to use Canvas and gives you a chance to ask questions. These will be offered multiple times throughout the semester.
  • One-on-one Consultations - If you have completed some Canvas training but need some one-on-one help, Duke Learning Innovation teaching consultants have a limited number of 25-minute appointments available throughout the semester. Request a one-on-one appointment now

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you have no experience with Canvas but are confident using Sakai, we recommend reviewing the Self-Paced Guides to Canvas at Duke and the crosswalks.

If you have no experience with Canvas and are nervous about this transition, attend a workshop or enroll in the Growing with Canvas course.

If you have used Canvas before but need a refresher, check out our video collection.

Step 2: Migrate Content from Sakai to Canvas

First, decide whether or not you want to migrate content from Sakai to Canvas. Because Canvas has a different interface and toolset than Sakai, you may find that the content you anticipate migrating may no longer achieve the same learning objectives. Thus, you may find it easier to start course building from a blank slate and explore the new opportunities and features Canvas has to offer.

If you do decide to migrate content from Sakai to Canvas, the migration page has all of the information you need to do so.

Step 3 (Optional): Get Help

If you find yourself struggling with a particular aspect of Canvas or have a question not answered on this site, there are multiple options for support outlined on the Get Help page.